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Age: 4 years

Breed: Collins

Size: Miniature

Color: Brown


Chiquis, King Kong and their other 3 brothers and sisters lived with their human family in a very humble and small house, but with enough room so that they could play, run and warm themselves in the sun all day long.

Unfortunately their family had to move out to a smaller place and they were forced to give away several of their dog friends. The family approached "GEPDA Defensa Animal" asking for help so that these cute dogs find another happy family.




King Kong and Chiquis are very affectionate and can be shy, however once they feel safe and loved they get close and want to be pampered. They enjoy long walks, exercise and play. They are very well behaved; they get along with adults and children as well as with other dogs.




Today, King Kong and Chiquis spend their day in a very small dog house because their current temporary family does not have enough room to release them. However when they go out at night they enjoy it, jump and play all kind of trick demonstrating their happiness and appreciation.

These dogs can adapt to living in small appartments because they are so tiny and well behaved.


King Kong and Chiquis are rapid learners and would like to learn to walk with a leash.

They don't have toys and only play with each other but these kind of dogs enjoy playing with all kinds of toys too and would certainly love to have some in their new house.


They enjoy car rides. They look out the window enjoying the city as they ride.



These dogs need a lot of affection and human contact. Today with their current family they receive food and water, but the family does not have the time to show them any affection or play with them. Do you want to give them a chance?


Remember that at Defensa Animal (GEPDA) we follow up on the adoption process of every single one of our dogs. After your application has been received and approved you will start an adoption testing period for a minimum of two weeks during which we expect that your family and the dog will adapt to each other and the dog will integrate in your daily life. If the testing period is successful, the adoption is closed, however Defensa Animal will continue to be available in order to ensure the wellbeing of both your family and the dog in your experience living together.

If you would like to adopt "Defensa Animal's" Dog of week please fill out this form:

And write to: Can't adopt? Sponsor this dog: